Rahmani Drum

A very rare instrument used in Oman Folk Music...

The story

My name is ahmed almusawi, I am a tv/film composer / Music Producer from Sultanate of Oman this is my second contribution to this wonderful community.

This instrument is called Rahmani Drum (Bass Drum) which is a very rare instruments and used in Oman Folk Music.

The Rahmani and Kasir Together Constitute the two main drums instruments in Omani Music. The Rahmani is used in the most transitional musical forms which are preformed with rhythmic accompaniment.

it’s larger than the kasir and produces a deeper sound. Each end of the drum is covered with goatskin or sheepskin, the skins being held tightly by means of ropes made from palm-fiber or leather.

There are 4 types of Rahmani Drums and mainly comes in 2 shapes – Barrel-Shaped and hour-glass. This protocolar Rahmani is used in the Souther Part of Oman in Dhofar Region.


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  • Well recorded drum!

    This is a very well recorded and playable drum. It sounds great, and is useful in a wide variety of musical settings. The GUI controls are excellent, and this is a well-crafted Kontakt instrument. Truly excellent!

    Sam Ecoff19 October 2021