The story

For the first two years of university, my daily commute consists only of one and only Metro (Subway). I can only describe the experience as a feeling of being melted in an ice-cold pot with hundred other faceless people. After coming by Christian’s Youtube channel and revising my perspective on sampling, I tried to sample the metro and subway station. Although the result was nothing short of phenomenal but I believe that the most important thing was the why sampling helped me to change my view of my surroundings and shift my dark morning commutes to a curious hunt for sounds. I felt sampling helped to develop a shield that can protect me from unpleasant things in my journey, just like the Patronus spell.

Patronus Station Demo

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  • KUDOS!

    Now, I can CONFIDENTLY say that I am SPEECHLESS enjoying your samples!

    AnsonFClef27 May 2022
  • Captures the loneliness

    The instrument captures the loneliness so well. One note played and you're pulled into a story that the creator wants us to see. So ethereal. Captured my senses

    JashandeepReehal24 May 2022
  • Oh boy what a sound

    I am super impressed by the horrory sounds this can make. A truly wonderful sound. Its hard to describe how much I like the sound.
    The biggest issue is that instead of simply pitching the same sound up and down, would have been awesome to have more varying pieces across the keyboard.

    Some of the instruments seem to give a "file corrupted" prompt. Perhaps worth updating/checking that?

  • 4 nice soundscapes

    This is a very simple instrument bundle that consists of 4 different patches, each one made by a different sounds that one might hear in a metro station. The sounds are processed enough to not be considered raw, so you can easily tell it's a mechanical-based soundscape.

    All the patches are spread nicely on the entire keyboard, and while there are no options found for extra tweaking, you can easily change a lot of things from within Kontakt's built-in instrument settings.

    As a small note, even though the overall size is very small, if you plan on using Kontakt over EXS (or vice-versa), mind that the samples are duplicated, so it would be better to delete the ones not in use.

    Alex Raptakis21 May 2022
  • It's what you would expect(o patronus)

    From the title alone I knew these would be haunting sounds and yes these are definitely haunting soundscapes. It comes with 3 patches and they all sound great, definitely usable for more horror style tracks!

    Nomax24 May 2022
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