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Omani Drums_By Ahmed Al-Musawi

In a previous release, I introduced the Rahmani Drum, a pivotal percussion instrument in Omani music. However, there are additional accompanying instruments to the Rahmani that come in smaller sizes: the Ranna Drum and Kaser Drum.

The Ranna drum, of intermediate size, complements the primary rhythm of the style, while the Kaser, being smaller, typically plays in counterpoint to the Rahmani or adds decorative rhythms.

These three instruments form the foundation of much Omani folk music, varying in sizes and shapes based on regional influences.

I have included a few example MIDI files to illustrate their usage in Oman, but feel free to use them creatively without adhering strictly to traditional rhythms.

The user interface is straightforward, featuring a 4-band master EQ, transient designer, and 3 faders to control each instrument’s level.

The instruments were recorded using two microphones on each side, capturing hits on both sides and panning them hard left and right to replicate real-life recording and usage. However, you can adjust the stereo width by adding a stereo imager or converting to mono and panning as desired for your project.

Kontakt 6.8.0


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