MG Soft Nylon Guitar

Soft Nylon Guitar offers the beauty and warmth of an intimately recorded nylon string guitar, whilst replicating all the behaviours and nuances of a real guitar......

The story

I am very happy to introduce Soft Nylon Guitar, offering the beauty and warmth of an intimately recorded nylon string guitar, whilst replicating all the behaviours and nuances of a real guitar through detailed scripting and careful calibration. As its name suggests, the samples were performed with emphasis on the soft and delicate. The instrument is available for Kontakt 5.8.1+, including the free Kontakt Player. There is also a free “lite” version for you to try that is available for DecentSampler.

Rather than using a full-size classical guitar and its somewhat ‘formal’ tone, I sampled a small- bodied nylon guitar that I have used countless times on my TV production music and video game scores, which offers a very flexible voice in many styles, from traditional classical and folk to modern production genres. The Soundcloud demo player showcases the instrument in various styles.

After some years in development, my mission has been to offer a guitar VST capable of delivering ground-breaking realism through an intuitive real-time playing experience. I hope this instrument will inspire you to incorporate the beauty of the nylon guitar into your work.

Many thanks,

Mike Georgiades Guitarist & Composer

Full Version Product Info:

Available for Kontakt 5.8.1+ (including the free Kontakt Player)
Purchase via Spitfire Audio Cart (you will need a Spitfire Audio Account)
Download via the Spitfire Audio App and authorise the product serial via Native Access. Click here for Installation Instructions.
4x Round Robin / 3x Velocity Layer samples, scripted for more
24bit / 48k samples
NKS Ready
Articulations include slurs, slides and hits
Tuning / Capo System for defining open string (pedal) notes
Innovative Sustain Pedal System
Helpful GUI guide for creating authentic guitar parts

Size: 777mb


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  • It's getting better

    Having just bought NI Session Guitarist-Picked Nylon, and also in the past, Indiginous Renaxxence Nylon guitar for their superb sound quality, along comes this little beauty. Sampled and put together by a "Guitarist". You naughty naughty people. Being a Nylon Guitarist myself for many years, this is superb. Emulating a human playing a guitar via a keyboard, is hard beans for those who have never had the pleasure of playing a real guitar. This MG Nylon Guitar helps tremendously. Beautifully sampled for that soft emotional playing that we all desire in our compositions. Does it get any better than this? Let's hope so, but at the moment, this one is top of the list.

    AMBIOSIS16 March 2022
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