MG Soft Nylon Guitar (Lite)

A free lite version of my Soft Nylon Guitar pack

The story

This is a Lite version of my full Soft Nylon Guitar sample pack so you can try it for free.

Available for DecentSampler
2x Round Robins / 1x Velocity Layer samples
Reverb and delay controls


Reviews for MG Soft Nylon Guitar (Lite)

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  • Nice, simple nylon guitar sound

    It's great to see the Soft Nylon Lite get its own page, because the situation with people reviewing the Spitfire instrument on the download page for a totally different instrument pack was a bit of a disaster for the integrity of the review system. It also lets us appreciate this instrument on its own merits without comparing it to the premium, paid pack!
    The samples are good quality, though to my taste a little lacking in attack due to the limitations of a single velocity layer. There are just over 2 octaves of range, basically what you'd have in a drop-tuned guitar without moving from open position, and seemingly a few RRs so the instrument sounds fairly natural. Ultimately a nice enough instrument, but probably wouldn't be my top choice among free nylon guitar packs. But the effort to make something freely available to the masses (including support for a free sampler) on the side of a premium, professional quality library is definitely appreciated!

    Eamon03 April 2022