The story

Often in my composing projects I find myself layering up tremolo parts as a great way to bring pads, string parts and other sustained passages to life. With this in mind I decided to create a sample library that would make this process very quick and easy. My challenge was to create an instrument preserving all of the humanity and imperfection achieved through recorded performance.

For MG Shimmers I recorded an acoustic guitar playing single note tremolos each around one minute in length. There are two types of tremolo; thumb and plectrum. With up to four simultaneous voices each starting at a random point in their one minute loops, you never get the same sample twice (well, not for a very long time anyway!). The mod wheel controls expression, plus there are various options to tailor the sound, namely attack, release, LPF cutoff and reverb.

I hope you enjoy MG Shimmers and it proves useful in your projects.



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  • My new favourite plucked tremolo instrument

    As an owner of the MG Soft Nylon Guitar, I was very quick to download this. For people complaining about Pianobook 'going commercial', here is another great patch for free from one of the PB Artists. It took time and care to create and it is awesome. I'm loving the plectrum samples with zero attack; perfect for the kind of 'mandolin' style sound I often want. The multiple voices, each with their own panning and volume, makes for a versatile and full sound. Great for a gentle tension pad. Right now, I'm playing both this Shimmers and the Soft Nylon together. It's super lovely good.

    Scott J MasonSamplist 03 December 2022
  • Great work

    I didn't know I needed a collection of tremolos, but hearing MG's work here, I also didn't know what I was missing. This sounds great, the balance of the 4 samples leads to endless creative tweaks to get the right sound and the playing sounds completely natural which will add authenticity to my (typically sample-based) compositions. Simple but very effective. Thank you.

    Giles M06 February 2023
  • A unique instrument of its own kind

    Beautifully recorded, with a unique and very thought-out UI, this instrument started as the sound of a guitar, but shouldn't necessarily be approached as though it were a guitar.

    The ability to assign panning and expression to each of the four voices individually is a brilliant move, that takes this acoustic-sounding instrument into functional territory I have usually only seen on synthesizers.

    The thumb/plectrum controls instantly provide a wide sonic palate, with the attack, release, and filter giving the user even more control. There was something really fun for me to turn up the release to around 60% and hear the plucks more gradually back off when I stopped playing.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Jake Hendriksen02 December 2022