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2021 update: Using a Pianobook template created by BjÀÜrn Friese the metal sail samples have been noise reduced, processed a bit more, and separated by deep hits, ticking, tapping, and scary scrapes. I find it very useful to have the volume of these 4 articulations accessible with midi CC sliders as a quick way to audition sounds or blend them all together in various ways. The Pianobook template has some great FX built in too which is fun to experiment with. Pitch this instrument down 12-24 and throw some delay and verb on those tapping sounds on your next drama tension track.

From trailers to ambient tension I have used these sound on dozens of tracks now. IMO the most useful sounds are the long deep hits on channel 1 and the ticking sounds on channel 4. The metal sails can add quite a bit of character to a track once you get to know it.

If anyone is willing to set up these sounds in any other sample engine that would be super cool. Please let me know if you do.
When I lived in Grand Haven, Michigan, I would often walk down the boardwalk leading to Lake Michigan. Roughly 4 meters tall towering just off the boardwalk are two metal sails. Obviously the drummer in me could not resist, what do these massive objects sound like?! From a subtle tick-tock they could grow to the roar of a violent sea, their character amplified even through a natural reverb plate decay.

Thanks BjÀÜrn Friese for the wonderful Pianobook template!

Kevin DePree

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  • Unique Percussion

    Unique percussion library. Create a dope percussion loop, throw some FX on it, and that can be the foundation of a great track! Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021
  • Metal percussion

    Lots of metallic hits, scrapes, knocks, and drones in this library! the sounds are generally well recorded, but some do get a bit noisy. They're all very well edited in Kontakt for maximum playability, and logically laid out on the keys. If you need some cool metal percussion, this is your jam!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 04 November 2021
  • Unique metal sounds that would benefit from noise reduction

    These percussion sounds are interesting to say the least, but as they are split in the entire keyboard you will have to spend some time becoming familiar with it in order to either perform on or program them. As a start there are some GUI labels to help you. It would be much better if the keys were coloured differently, and if the single-hits were grouped together, the the "rolls" and then last the swipes all together, based on the pitch as much as possible. The current setup makes it a guess game, and I don't like that in my workflow at all. There is also some noise in the samples, noticeable in the higher velocities.

    Alex Raptakis22 December 2021
  • Much to choose from

    This is a really creative and unique library that definitely stands out. It sounds very organic and Metallic. Theres a-lot to choose from, short hits, long hits, scrapes and phrases. I can't see myself using this too often but its still really cool and i might get around to it eventually. It would have been nice to have the different groups of sounds more clearly labeled, maybe by color.Some of the sounds have weird noises baked into them but thats kind of the point of a library like this. Good Job

    septemberwalk28 October 2021