The story

Years ago I acquired the services of a singer by the name of Kristel Morrison. I recorded her vocals to a project. But it was not until during lockdown in 2020 when I created a sampler instrument from a sample of her vox so I could use it in a song. Then I decided to do the thing that musicians like to call sorting their mess out by making a proper multi sample instrument this time around, rather than having one sample to stretch across the keyboard for my previous sample pack Bad Boy Vox which does have good sounds there but it’s not a multi sample instrument and I wanted to create my first MSI for the Pianobook community. The original sample sits on key A3. If you hit this key you will hear the original sample. My method in creating multi samples from just one vox sample did keep me awake thinking what is the best way for me to do this. Instead of taking the advice of using the vocal transformer plugin with a lot of steps in order to get the same result, I just doubled clicked my vox sample to open it in the audio file editor, selected time and pitch machine ctrl+P and processed them at the same tempo in order to keep them the same length but samples of relevant pitch names and values. Altogether I processed 68 samples in total in different pitches so you can play them at the same speed and more than one key at a time. Sample pack contains layers of my vocal too.

Reviews for Kristel Vox

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  • Very weird sound

    This instrument sounds like synth rain of crystals at it's desired octave. Although it's cool at like 3rd-4th octave I would say that the magic breaks for me when going higher or lower as it just becomes mess. If I were to use this I would probably use it as filler in a drum kit to make it more 'busy' if that's the right word.

    Snake28 September 2022
  • A weirdly unique sound

    This is a weird instrument based on one sample, manually stretched across the keyboard. The original sample sounds alright near its original range (3), but outside of that it sounds like a gated synthetic instrument, with a "quick" texture to it. Maybe it'll be good by layering it with other sounds. Keep in mind that the overall volume is a little low though, so keep that in mind.

    Alex Raptakis12 April 2022