The story

Aloha From the Island of Oahu! My name is Wayne Bow and I’m a musician, computer geek, and wanna-be composer among many other more mundane pursuits.
At the beginning of the forced isolation period in 2020, I purchased a double-sided Kosmosky tongue drum with E-min and D-maj scales. I adore this instrument! At some point in my composition adventure, I ran across Dave’s DecentSampler and, being the inquisitive person I am, decided to make a virtual instrument out of samples from the Kosmosky. Here is my result. I learned a lot putting it together using the excellent tutorials from Dave and am happy with it. . .though I see areas where improvements could be made. I hope you enjoy!
If you have constructive feedback on how to improve for next time, I’d be happy to hear (read?) it! [email protected]


Reviews for Kosmosky Tongue Drum(v1.0)

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  • Dreamy Little Drum

    The tone of this drum is very resonant and dreamy, more so because most of the notes are chords. Be careful when playing many notes at once! Some of the samples are missing the "tap" at the beginning, which adds to the sense of subconscious wandering. If you make ambiences, try this instrument.

    thejackkearney22 September 2022
  • A deep ambient tongue drum

    This is a very resonant tongue drum, deeply sampled and with a great deep sound overall. The samples are layed over a bit less than 3 octaves on the lower range, and in the total black GUI you get a filter, a reverb and a delay. This made it sure for me that it is about a very, very ambient percussive patch.

    There are also 4 round robins that make the instrument sound more real, though if you play a more rhythmical and repetitive beat you might get some inconsistent hits based on the sequence of the round.

    As a minor note, even though it seems that the delay is turned off by default, there is some preapplied, so in case you don't want any delay, you need to grab the knob and give it a small jiggle to reset it.

    As for the total black GUI, there is an image included found inside the samples folder, but it doesn treally load when you run the instrument.

    Alex Raptakis31 August 2022
  • Resonant

    A neat little instrument of this very resonant instrument. The delay seems to be on when the patch is loaded (even though it's set to 0).