The story

Sample Pack Name: Jungle Knife

Artist Name: Ethan Edwards

Sample Pack Story:

I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago due to insomnia, so I sampled my jungle knife using my Sony Xperia L4 and destructively edited the recording in the audio editor and saved the sample selects in preparation for building the sample instrument using the older version of Logic’s sampler EXS24. For those using Logic’s new sampler I don’t know how this will work until I find out myself by upgrading to the latest version of Logic Pro.

Sample Editing Process:

I created a 1 bar loop of the jungle knife recorded at 130BPM without a click as I matched the tempo in Logic, and it turned out my recording rhythm was dead on 130BPM.

I also edited a few hit samples I found in the original audio file while recording the knife sharpening. The hits can be used as percussion, and the knife sharpening 1 bar loop can be looped at true 130BPM to maintain original speed and sound. By all means have a session playing around with the 1 bar loop by creating alternative tempos, pitches etc.

The jungle knife pictured with the SAS beret is an old one I picked up at a surplus shop and used on tac ex (tactical excercise), so it does look a bit shabby but worn as you would expect.

Disclaimer: No animals or people were harmed in the making of this sampler instrument. I wouldn’t know if it was used in real war, reached the frontline or even behind the lines, but it certainly got me into trouble taking a non-issue item on to tac ex with me.


Reviews for Jungle Knife

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  • Cool hits

    I like the hits, very soft but still useful in certain cases. The loop however is a bit too much for me, the high parts are a little too loud and hurt my ears, this could just be my headphones though and some EQ fixes this ;)

    Snake28 September 2022
  • 4 simple SFX

    In this download you will basically find 4 different wave files, 2 of them being percussive hits with a metallic element, one "slide" and one loop that features a "grinding" texture. You don't even have to use Logic to use those, since you can simply use the wave files included. Fairly simple and straightforward!

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022