The story

Hi Pianobook, good evening from New York and welcome to Hitting the Bowl!

The idea for this pack was born, essentially, out of serendipity. I found a giant metal mixing bowl in the basement and decided to hit it with a few things, just to see what sounds would come out. It turns out that bowls actually make great hand-drums, but I wanted to take it in a bit of a different direction and make something more practically usable.
So after tracking down another, smaller bowl and getting my H1n precariously dangling over it, I made a few minutes of recordings with an old yellow cymbal mallet I had lying around. About a dozen hours of futzing, processing, and design later, I came out with the final product that you see now! Hope you enjoy it.
If you’re feeling super appreciative and awesome and have a buck to spare, feel free to tip me at ! If not, that’s fine too, enjoy the samples 🙂


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