The story

Welcome to Haunted, a sample library dedicated to a variety of pads and soundscapes aimed at scoring the more eerie side of video games and media projects.

We have created this collection of pads and soundscapes for use in our work in scoring mysterious and creepy areas of RPGs. We needed sounds specific to abandoned mines, haunted houses and sewers. So we went about creating sounds that capture the essence of these forboding environments and inspire our compositions. The Kontakt patches included have a large, reverb heavy sound, and are designed to sit well alongside an orchestra.

Being for our work in RPGs, the sounds contained within are organic and acoustic in nature. We sampled acoustic instruments, found sounds, and used some of our field recordings of nature to create the pads and soundscapes you will find in Haunted.

Haunted is split into the following three catagories:

Abandoned Mine – Sounds made using mostly rocks, wind and the bowing and screeching of metallic objects.
Haunted House – Sounds crafted mostly from bowed string instruments, windy interior ambiences and squeaky cupboards and household items.
Sewer Catacombs – Sounds created mostly using water and air moving through pipes, water filling tanks and field recordings of creeks and ocean waves.

Important tips for use:

-All patches make use of the mod wheel (CC1) to create crescendoes using the SV1 filter.
-The volume knobs on the performance view can be MIDI learned and mapped to the controller CC of your choice by right clicking on the knob. We highly recommend real time control of one or both layers as it adds more movement and variation to each sound.
-All patches are velocity sensitive. Hit the keys harder for more volume.

We are very grateful for your reviews and especially the music that was uploaded to our page for our last sample library. We would love to hear more of your music created with our new sounds. So please feel free to upload your song to our page if you desire.

We hope you have fun composing with Haunted.

Hereafter Soundtracks

Artwork generated with Craiyon and Stable Diffusion XL


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  • Five Stars

    Thanks a lot, this is so great! I didn't expect such a huge packet of perfect haunting sounds.

    Mam Aki04 March 2024
  • GREAT!!!

    Just one word.... GREAT!

    This should not be free! It feels like theft!

    Thank you very much!

    Sam13 October 2023
  • Awesome

    There are a lot of really nice athmospheric, dark sounds in this pack. Perfect for backgrounds. The library is huge and the sounds are clear. Love it!

    Some soundsbanks are crashing my Kontakt 7, though. Maybe I try the old Kontakt Player.

    Mokelmeier18 November 2023