Halfsize Nylon Guitar

A sample instrument based on a half size nylon string guitar from a flea-market

The story

I love flea-markets. My mission: find weird/old/broken stuff in flea-markets then restore, clean, and sample. This instrument is based on a half-size nylon string guitar I found in a local flea-market in an old church. The guitar needed a bit of TLC and I even found a chocolate wrapper from the 80s in the body! After some cleaning, painting, and new strings and ‘restored’ instrument doesn’t look and sound too bad. It makes for a nice delicate pluck-based sample instrument.

Flea-market Guitar - part 2: sample instrument


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  • Overall Nice Tone From A Small Classical Guitar!

    Being a classically trained guitar player I know that each instrument has a certain tone and response based on size, wood, stings, action, and craftmanship. I think he did a nice job in capturing the half size nylon guitar, you can always tweak the tone with other plugins if you want a deeper fuller tone but the real instrument is only going to have a certain true sound! Ciao, Aldo

    ALDO28 February 2022
  • Nice reversed classical guitar

    There are different articulations in this instrument, the one I liked the most was the reversed guitar. The other articulations are well recorded too, but are simpler.

    OsvaldoDeJesusG28 October 2021
  • Not unexpected

    If you want a thin and light guitar sound, this is it. It isn't less and it isn't more.

    ArgyleGreens28 November 2021
  • A neat little guitar sound

    Worked fine on Decent Sampler for me. A nice collection of 6 different presets based on the guitar. I really enjoy the tone of the Pick and Pluck, but noticed some noise frequencies that need to be cleaned up. The Pick sounds very small even with reverb, and the Pluck I wish there wasn't noise issues sounds like spacious amped harmonics, very cool! The reversed sound does stand out really well, It has a great sound that captures that rewind feeling or a could add to a swell transition.

    Ada Maskil08 November 2021
  • A nice classical guitar

    There's nothing in particular which stands out about this guitar library, but sometimes, that's a good thing. It's not overly resonant, and it seems well-recorded. There are some intonation issues, but they're not too bad. As far as I can tell, there's only one velocity layer, and no round robins. There's a nice variety of articulations included, including chorus, picked, plucks, pad, reverse, and tremolo. The sound is maybe a little bit on the dark side, but is still highly playable.

    Sam Ecoff26 October 2021
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