The story

Folk Winds consists of four solo folk wind instruments: Recorder, Ocarina, Wooden Flute, Pan Pipes, also pad sounds made from the original samples and some new ensemble textures.

This was made with the purpose of scoring RPGs, specifically tavern music which is often based on European folk styles. However, the organic pad sounds can add a really nice ambience to other types of music.

The recorder, ocarina and wooden flute are set up so the sustain pedal (CC64) triggers the solo articulation, while keyswitches control the different articulations. The solo articulation triggers the main articulation samples with the start offset a little bit for more smooth legato. In other words, simulated legato, but still quite realistic sounding. The Modwheel (CC1) controls volume.

The pan pipes are set up so that the regular articulation is from C3 up and the lower keys are various tuned effects. Modwheel (CC1) controls volume.

The pad sounds come from both the original sounds and some new ensemble textures. The ensemble textures consist of five instruments played in different ways, which we have balanced to our taste. However if you want to change the balance of the five instruments, simply go under the hood and adjust the volume and panning of each group to taste. If you would like to use your own reverb plugin instead of the built in convolution, we have included all of the patches in the Pads Dry folder without the reverb and delay. The modwheel (CC1) controls crescendos for all pad sounds. However instead of controlling volume, the modwheel opens the SV1 filter which we feel creates a nicer sounding crescendo in this instance.

We hope you enjoy our sounds and make fantastic compositions with them.

Hereafter Soundtracks

Photograph for pan pipes by Rodrigo Arrosquipa
Artwork for pads created with Stable Diffusion


Reviews for Folk Winds

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  • One of the best sounding folk wind libraries out there.

    This is one of the cleanest sounding, direct and easy to play libraries when it comes to folk wind instruments, even when considering commercial libraries. This is some incredible work to release so generously and I'll be reaching to use them a lot in the future.

    Christopher27 June 2023
  • A rustic panorama

    Immediately useful and texturally rich. The pads are ghostly and vast -- the swarming, aleatoric "Will O' The Wisps" pad is jaw-dropping -- but the highly playable solo patches steal the show. Their keyswitched ornaments add human personality, but with the pedal-activated legato, even performed grace notes and trills become shockingly believable.

    A sincere thank you for providing this beautiful collection for no cost. The page desperately needs an audio demo so more people are compelled to try it out.

    bgsulz24 May 2023