The story

I was out shopping in my local budget supermarket. You know, the one with a flea market in the middle! I found this aluminum flask, and as I’ve begun to do with random objects, I tapped it. I found it made a really pleasing ringing sound. Ideal for sampling I thought. This instrument is the result. Using my previous instruments as a template, I built the instrument with a single ring made with a rubber beater.

In this instrument I have included ADSR sliders which allow a high degree of envelope control. Particularly, the attack allows the user to tune out the high transient at the beginning of the sample. Combined with the tone control, this allows for a pleasing range of sounds. Also included is a delay with wet/dry level and time knobs an a reverb.

I have stretched the instrument from C1 to C7. Perhaps a bit wide, but usable I believe.

If you use this instrument in your work, please do comment here or drop me an e-mail: steve (at) sonuslucis (dot) com


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  • The title says it all...

    "A flask with great tone" -that says it all! I love the sound of this instrument, thank you so much for doing such great DS instruments. I also like very much the GUI here.

    Jaime's Tone28 November 2022