FEEDER is a polyphonic instrument for Decent Sampler which utilizes two unique layers of guitar sustain and feedback

The story


Hello! FEEDER is a polyphonic instrument for Decent Sampler which utilizes two unique layers of distorted guitar sounds. The first layer consists of sustained, looped guitar notes, while the second consists of multiple feedback samples playing back simultaneously. User parameters in this instrument include individual volume knobs and ADSR envelopes for each layer, as well as a lowpass filter and an effects section containing a phaser and a reverb. The instrument was partially inspired by my love of pretty much anything to do with distorted electric guitar, as well as Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening album 1989 in which three improvising musicians fill a huge, empty water cistern with epic ambient drones for over an hour. The ambient preset in FEEDER allows you to create similar soundscapes using just a keyboard, although the instrument is versatile enough to be used in lots of other ways too. Hope you enjoy!


The guitar used for recording the samples was a Fender Duo Sonic and the amplifier used was a Fender Mustang III V.2 set to a distortion channel. The microphones used for recording were a matched pair of AKG C414 XLS’ which were set up using an XY stereo technique aimed at the centre of the amplifier cabinet. The process of recording involved simply plucking different notes on the guitar and allowing these to create feedback by standing near the amplifier while the notes were ringing out. This was done for 11 notes across the guitar. A total of 41 samples are used in Feeder, which give the instrument a very responsive tone as the player moves around the keyboard. There are two velocity zones for each note, one layer which runs from 0-94 note velocity, and the other from 95-127. The samples were then processed in Cubase Pro 11 using EQ, compression and tube saturation.

Bjoern Bojahr’s https://www.bjoernbojahr.de/ Endless WAV programme was used to achieve perfect loops within each sample.


Reviews for FEEDER

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  • A dual-guitar pad

    In a nutshell, this is a synth-like instrument based off of a layered electric guitar. The result is a nice synthetic sound that is available in 3 different versions, main (pad), pluck (lead), and ambient (pad with extra depth). They sound great and you get to have full ADSR control of both layers, along with reverb, filter and a phaser effect knob. It has been sampled very nicely, and plays well with no problems!

    Alex Raptakis15 March 2022