Epiphone Thunderbird Bass

This is a basic sampling of my Epiphone Thunderbird Bass with three round robins

The story

As I was working on my Epiphone Les Paul sample pack,I thought ‘what else can I add to it’.Well here it is. My Epiphone Thunderbird Bass.It is not as elaborate as the Les Paul sample pack will be but I don’t feel it needs to be.
It is pretty basic but it has three round robins.
It was sampled through my Marshall DSL 40C amp using a Marantz MPM 3500R ribbon mic.
I made it using Kontakt 5 version 5.8.1 (R43)

Bogey - Epiphone Thunderbird Bass


Reviews for Epiphone Thunderbird Bass

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  • A simple, clean bass

    This is a fairly simple e-bass guitar instrument that comes with nice clean samples. It comes in a barebones patch, it's sampled note-by-note, with 3 round robbins each, and the total playable range is around 2.5 octaves, from a low E to a high A. The only thing I found slightly off is that if you want to play staccato-like, one of the round robbins has a longer tail than the others. Other than that, it is a very, very solid bass instrument.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022