Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Single notes of an electro-acoustic guitar recorded via DI....

The story

As this is my first real attempt at sampling and making a Kontakt instrument, it is pretty basic. I sampled only the six open strings as follows:

Bottom E
Top E

From the Top E onwards, i just dragged the region up so it does start to sound a bit Mickey Mouse like lol.

I have been watching vids on how to add things like reverb echo and chorus knobs in the UI so i will work on this and try to make it better and i will also sample the Top E and go up in 5ths to make the higher notes sound better and also i will look into velocity and things like that.

It’s not really too bad for a first attempt but it will improve as I learn more.

I did the first takes using a mic but there was way too much hum and noise so i plugged the guitar into my interface as it is an electro-acoustic and recorded each note using a pick (not finger) but i will do more recordings of finger and i may do chord strums too but i have to learn how to add all that into the UI.


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