The story

This being my second sample pack I was striving to add additional controls for using the groups and blending them together. I worked on each group’s samples by just listening as I went and shaping the sound to something that worked for me and the mood I was in. Deep textural construction is always my goal. I like to have a rich tonal library to work with in my instrument but so that they can be combined to form a total environment. Putting it into words is not a easy thing for me since I just see they sounds as their own language.

Hope you enjoy this latest instrument.


Reviews for Egret

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  • Lovely pads... but then they stop...

    This is quite a nice organ-like pad instrument. You get three different voices that can be volume controlled, panned, and LPFed independently. There's a big knob for global reverb, which dresses things up nicely. It's very easy to quickly to get to a sound that you like.

    However, there's one thing that holds this instrument back a lot: the samples do not loop. So after 4-5 seconds, each voice comes to a somewhat abrupt ending. Quite a shame, because it significantly restricts the ways in which this instrument can be used. Your mileage may vary.

    Saturnias01 April 2023