Distant War Drums

Invention of new sounds from a batch of Casa samples. I've created distant war sounds that can be used for creating patterns, loops and more. Imagine gunfire, explosions grooves!......

The story

Distant war drums is a sample pack created from a batch of casa samples recorded at The Lodge Recording Studio, Northampton for a project currently in production. The original recording session was performed by drummer and percussionist Karl Thompson from The Enid after lockdown 2 in studio 2 under the direction of Ethan Edwards sample instrument creator. Hans Zimmer inspired me the night before after seeing his video on inventing new sounds and ideas for Dune on Vanity Fair’s YouTube channel. I discovered casa samples are great for creating that distinctive yet terrifying sound of war in the distance. Imagine making grooves and loops from sound design elements crafted from casa samples that actually sound like patterns of gunfire and explosions. Even the sounds of war go to a beat in real life. Follow my instrument playing guide, and more in the README.txt file.

Reviews for Distant War Drums

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  • Simple and boomy

    This is a fairly simple percussion instrument, featuring a hit in 2 versions and several "rolls" in different lengths, though they all sound morel like 16th note hits rather than actual drum rolls. The samples themselves are nice, very bassy sounding with a nice and tight higher end as well. Due to the simplicity of the patch, if you do not own Logic, you can simply locate and use the actual sound files.

    Alex Raptakis12 April 2022
  • An interesting idea!

    An interesting pack, which seems to function more like an SFX patch than an 'instrument'. I found it a little difficult to use due to EXS' lack of custom GUI and the delayed onset of some of the samples making me wonder whether I was actually triggering anything. The sounds definitely bring to mind distant artillery / gunfire as depicted in media, thankfully my only exposure. Could definitely see myself using it if I needed these kind of background sound effects for a project.

    Eamon10 April 2022