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# Dark Petals – Version: [1.x]

Date: 2022-11-01
Name: Winthrop Brookhouse

## Included formats

– Kontakt 6 Pro

## Release notes

Dark Petals

## Features

1) Each has its own volume and cutoff knob that is controlled by its own CC#. Reverb is assigned to the Mod Wheel.

2) sounds have not been mapped to loop

3) Each knob and controller is labelled in the GUI with the correct CC#

4) Each CC# is already scripted to the correct controller within Dark Petals

## Construction of Dark Petals

I start with Dorico as my writing notes program. I create each groups set of samples (usually in Major Third) for two whole octaves starting at C1. I then use Vsts like Hybrid3, AAS’s String Studio VS-3 and Ultra Analog VA-3 to create three or more unique sounds for each group which I write as separate lines in Dorico; they are all playing unison. Then after blending them using Dorico’s mixer I end up with a rich sample. I do this for each of the groups I will add to the Kontakt instrument. Then exporting the groups created samples to Reaper. In Reaper I cut up each of the sound samples and balance them and check their LFO_I . Then export each individual sample for each group to be brought into Kontakt

### Bug fixes

First Version of this instrument

## Using the instrument
I can only speak to how I use the instrument. I like to compose music by using music notation software like Dorico. Dorico allows me to also work with CC# data and velocity, etc. So I use it for my major mixing. I load the Kontakt instrument in Dorico. Creating my CC# data directly into Dorico which feeds it to the Kontakt instrument. Dark Petals allows me to write on one musical line and using volume, pan, cutoff and reverb I can create a nuance melodic line that is rich and varied.
st and I am already working on a second.


Reviews for Dark Petals

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  • An instantly nice-sounding pad

    Good sounds are unavoidable with this instrument. I think I hear bits of strings as well as at least two types of organs, all with their own volume and filter cutoff knobs, as well as a global reverb, which is mapped to the modwheel.

    I love that midi-mapping was part of the thought process behind this instrument. I was using my more simple controller without any extra knobs or faders to test it, but it's obvious to me how flexible one could be with this instrument while playing on-the-fly.

    Jake Hendriksen14 November 2022