The story

I had the idea for this sample set while watching a performance of Steve Reich’s Electronic Counterpoint in Glasgow in 2015.
Its only a starting point into minimalist guitar music and I expect to update all the loops or perhaps author a very similar set but with completely different loop.

Set was recorded using a 1970s Gibson L5s that had hardly been played until now.


Reviews for Counterpoint Machine

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  • Inspiration
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  • just beautiful

    wonderful little loops of a varied and warm sounding Gibson

    Zweistein21 June 2022
  • Love it!

    Such fun, simple and always surprising.

    MarabouMusic28 June 2022
  • Very cool source of ideas

    If you like Reich-like minimalist guitar, yes this is that. In a way its similar to what you get in something like global swarm, but without a sense of bigness. It's close/intimate and full of cool phrases with interesting rhythms that can be woven together to create (particularly rhythmic) ideas that are truly unique. And did I say it just sounds really good --I edited this b/c I thought it was slightly off from 100 bpm but it turns out I'm just terrible at rhythm--

    ryan weeksSamplist 25 June 2022
  • Total Inspiration

    Incredibly inspiring. Right up there with Jon Meyer's Woven Strings.

    Guillaume20 September 2022
  • Beautiful guitar phrases

    This Kontakt instrument is basically a set of 50 different phrases played on a beautiful clean guitar. The phrases are very well recorded and performed, and there is some great variation to all. Some of them are simple octave glimmers, one-note rhythms, ambient pads and more complex melody-based phrases. If you get the time to play around, you will start getting the hang of mixing some together, resulting in a very inspiring zone that will definitely hit you with some ideas for your next compositions.

    Alex Raptakis13 July 2022