The story

I have been wanting to program velocity layers in Decent Sampler for a while so I took the opportunity to practice with chime bar. The chime bar is tuned to F#3. I used a tuning utility in Cubase to offset the tuning appropriately in the preset script. I think it sounds very natural. Now to combine velocity layers with round robins!

I have set the usable range from C2 to C7. It could be stretched a little further but within these five octaves the best sound is to be had.

To hear the instrument, see Samuel Davies’ review on his YouTube channel at:

If you use this instrument in your work, please do comment here or drop me an e-mail: steve (at) sonuslucis (dot) com

Reviews for Chime Bar

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  • Soft and Simple

    These hits are beautiful. The velocity layers in general are consistent and nicely done. I'm a bit disappointed that when playing particularly loud, it seems to crackle. But since it is mostly meant as a quite peaceful instrument it isn't a huge deal.

    Very nicely sampled, a usable instrument for me to add to my scores. Thanks Sonus Lucis!