Chilly’s Bottle

A Chilly's bottle beaten with a carrot....

The story

On my way out for a walk on Make Music Day 2020 I picked up my Chilly’s bottle and accidentally tapped it against the cupboard. Loving the pure sound of it I quickly got out my Sontronics ST-1 microphones and a carrot (the Henson choice for music beaters).

I allowed the bottle to hang in my fingers by the cap and hit at the bottom of the bottle (which is a much softer sound) and also in the middle (which is more metallic). You can adjust the mix of these two sounds in the GUI.

I uses the “monolith” style template, creating just two WAV files (softer and harder) each with 10 velocity layers. In my rush to record I accidentally sampled in 44.1khz so had to adjust the start and end points in Kontakt but this was simple maths.


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  • A Chilly's Bottle... Beaten with a carrot... Yes you read that right.

    It's exactly as you'd expect. Brilliantly simple, fabulously quirky and what piano book is all about. This instruments not only sounds great but has a nice control over the sound with hard/soft faders. It deserves an ADSR control on the GUI, but that's really a bit extra for something like this. Amazing work!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • A proper mallet-like percussion!

    It's like a hangdrum but it's actually a water bottle! With just some small noises in some samples that trigger from time to time, this sounds really good. You also have the option to mix two different kinds of feels, a hard and a soft one. You can completely turn off the one if you want. I personally prefer more the soft one!

    Alex Raptakis17 October 2021
  • Never Look At Water Bottles The Same

    Great sound from a seemingly innocuous did I use that word right? item. The bottle we drink water out of can sound like a musical instrument! FX wouldn't hurt on this. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021