The story

Sample Pack Name: Buddy-Dog Clicker

Artist Name: Ethan Edwards

Story: I’ve been acting out of character since losing our beloved springer spaniel Buddy the bear to leptospirosis by staying up late and experimenting with found sounds such as this one. I have some items on my shelf in honour of Buddy that are really all of the treasured belongings he had in this life. I’ve got his tennis balls, dog collar and the clicker he knew would be his cue for a treat for being a good lad.

This simple sample pack of five files includes 4 destructively edited samples of Buddy’s clicker, and there’s a present from me there too. Sorry in advance!

By creating this sample pack of a dog clicker i thought is thinking outside of the box, but then what hasn’t been sampled before that’s already out there. I’m going to use it to layer the found sounds to album production currently in production. This way my work becomes more personal to me, and i hope you find it useable for something weird and out there.

Reviews for Buddy-Dog Clicker

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  • Nice clicky low

    I really like the clicks provided in this pack, the "pump" threw me off a little, but no worries the clickyclicks make up for it! I'll keep those for later ;)

    Snake28 September 2022
  • Just a few sound effects

    This pack contains 4+1 sound effects for you to use and possibly layer with other percussive sounds. They have this clicky sound signature that I've encountered in video games, so I guess it could be useful for some people.

    Alex Raptakis30 April 2022