The story

I recorded this sample when I heard the interesting sound that occurred after my brother forcefully tried to open his bottle. Later I took this sample to my Daw and started processing it through different creative effects in a search creating some amazing sounds…….these are some of the best creations I was able to create from my Daw experiments. I hope you enjoy it!

Reviews for Bottle Clacks

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  • Inspiration
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  • Limited usage, but a unique sound

    This is very interesting! I really like the sound of this library. I think the usage is limited, but I found this very unique and would like to try it on my composition.

    Asuka Amane30 October 2021
  • Watery Textures with not much control

    These sounds are pretty cool. The Pad is other worldly and a bit creepy and the pluck sounds are nice and have a watery texture to them. The FX patch is also pretty cool and weird. I dont really have much to say about this. I dont love it or hate it. For what it is i think it could work in certain scenarios. I think i might find use for it on transitions in chill electronic music , especially the fx which pans left and right and also has a modulated quality to it. The Pad would also work well for horror/ drama

    septemberwalk26 October 2021
  • interesting effects, but issues with playability

    This library has some interesting sounds and effects, and it's well recorded. The sounds are unique, but some sounds aren't edited well in Kontakt and have large gaps of dead air after key presses. Some sounds have delay and reverb permanently applied to the samples, which limits their usability. Others are dry, which is better. These sounds are certainly unique, though, and I'm sure they will be of use to some.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 02 November 2021
  • Cool idea, nice for SFX maybe?

    It's one of these things that you always played with and you wondered if you can make music out of it.

    This is an instrument pack featuring the kind of funny popping sound that a bottle or a mouth can create. You will find 4 patches. Sadly in many samples there are some noises in either front, middle or end of the sample that are transferred to the FX patches as well. They are also very wet with no control offered.

    There is also a Pad patch that kind of resembles a pad by having lots of spacial effects on it. There is a very noticeable gap between you playing the note and hearing the sample, so the instrument welcomes more slow and ambient playstyles, possibly for sfx rather than rhythmic purposes. You can always try it and see for yourself though!

    Alex Raptakis22 December 2021