Bottle Clacks

Sounds of an opening bottle...

The story

I recorded this sample when I heard the interesting sound that occurred after my brother forcefully tried to open his bottle. Later I took this sample to my Daw and started processing it through different creative effects in a search creating some amazing sounds…….these are some of the best creations I was able to create from my Daw experiments. I hope you enjoy it!


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  • Cool idea, but needs some work!

    This is an instrument pack featuring the kind of funny popping sound that a bottle or a mouth can create. You can find 4 patches, but I don't find anyone being that great in order to recommend. Sadly in many samples there are some noises in either front, middle or end of the sample that are transfered to the FX patches as well. They are also very wet with no control offered. There is also a Pad patch but I wouldn't say it's a pad really. It's more like a very wet sample with lots of reverb and delay that you can't even control. There is a very noticable delay between you playing the note and hearing the sample, to the point that if you play in a spicatto, the sample doesn't even register. You can always try it and see for yourself though!

    Alex Raptakis18 October 2021