The story

My Sampler Instrument Story: Back in 2020 during lockdown I started recording vocals for a pop album. I then took a sample from a marquee selection I really liked the sound of, processed it with pitch correction and of course a bit of slosh, but not too much so composers can add more slosh if they require a bigger sound maybe. I’ve created plenty of sampler instruments over the years but this is the first time I’ve created a sampler instrument for other composers to use, so I thought I would start off my venture with a simple yet effective sampler instrument for some of those who would like a bit of the bad boy vibe with this one. A vox sample combined with FX that creates a breathy urban mood to this sampler instrument which could also be used for adding a darker texture to their compositions. The original pitch of the sample used is set on the key C3. I love the sound of C0, it has a dark alligator vibe to it. I’ll be excited to see what people can create using this instrument.

Reviews for Bad Boy Vox

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  • a very simple instrument

    This one isn't really for me, but I can see it being used in electronic music as the vocal (only one provided) is really autotuned. If you're into edm kinda stuff, why not give this one a try?

    Snake28 September 2022
  • One vocalized line sample

    This is a very simple file based on simply one vocal line "singing" B-C#-D, with that vocalized character to it. I can see it in some pop or EDM production but it's one of those things you will only use once and that's it.

    Alex Raptakis12 April 2022