The Quiet Choir

The Quiet Choir


I created a choir with just my voice. I used Shure KSM32 up close as I wanted it very soft and intimate sounding. I used a Neve 1073 pre, with U.A. 1176. I recorded similarly to how some are recording the piano (using the cycle of fifths) .My range vocally is a LOT less than the piano obviously, so it did not take long! I did this process several times and layered until it sounded close to a choir. The idea was that it would be more a choir pad for a track . It will NOT be Eric Whitacre’s go to library!! Haha Besides the main Quiet Choir I also included Swells and one combining both, “The Quiet Choir GRAND” . Start with that one to get the full effect!


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A soft choir and swells recorded from one voice layered multiple times.

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