The Lowland Drones

The Lowland Drones


I created some drones from all organic sources (No synths!). Each drone is individually laid out across the white keys (almost 4 octaves) so you can pitch each one accordingly . They were primarily Roots and Americana instruments (such as Fiddle, Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Dobro, Bowed Dulcimer as well as an Upright Bass). I treated them as evolving performances as I wanted them to have a lot of life and energy. The intention was to provide a foundational bed to build your cue or song on, especially if it has a swampy, southern or western vibe. I hope they inspire and serve you well!


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Fantastic Acoustic Sound Design

5.0 rating
August 5, 2021

These drones are really excellent, particularly if you’re looking for something ambient without being synth-heavy. These provide some varied, bluesy alternatives, and they all sound great!

Sam King

Excellent Collections of Versatile Drones

5.0 rating
July 26, 2021

Hi! Just had a chance to check this out and love every single one of them! They all evolve in very interesting and musical ways. I can definitely see using these in soundtrack work as well as with further processing for ambient pieces. Thanks for the excellent contribution! Cheers!

Jacob Werre

Great collection of drones

5.0 rating
July 23, 2021

What a good little catalog of drones that truly are organic and offer new options for sound track and other things. I can imagine them in everything from horror scenes in a movie to travel videos and thrillers. Thanks for the hard work.

John McVicker


Drones created from roots and Americana instruments

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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