The Felt Bottle

The Felt Bottle


I found the perfect water bottle, acoustically speaking that is. My family teases me for being obsessed with such things but hey, Im right! This one really sounds good, almost hang drum like at times. I wanted to use a felt mallet to get a softer attack, obviously going for the same effect as a Felt Piano.. I recorded many soft hits with the bottle filled with water at various degrees to change the pitch. I then, pitched them up and down more to broaden the range. I added some light filtering, a little verb and noise reduction. I also included a pad and an Arpeggiator, which I think works really well for this instrument. “Motion And Space” combines the Arp with the pad. You can definitely add some “Splosh” on “The Felt Bottle” for some extra love. Enjoy!


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A water bottle struck with a soft felt mallet.

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