Rusty Banjo

Rusty Banjo


Banjobook anyone? Ok, maybe not. Nonetheless I thought I’d throw this little library out there. I sampled an older banjo with a resonator up close. I used a 57 through an Avalon pre and captured it pretty purely.

Funny thing is that Christian made a comment on Youtube about some unknown composer out there who is using an E-bow on a banjo. Well, I’m that guy apparently, as I had already done that with all my folk instruments lying around. I included the Banjo E bow in this entry. Try the multi I included “Banjo With E-bow Pad”. I like using pads made from the instrument I’m featuring as it brings out the natural resonant tones in a way that’s subtle and organic. Hope you find it useful!


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Lightweight with potential

3.0 rating
January 2, 2021

This is not the deepest sampled or best programmed banjo – some volume inconsistencies in particular had to be sorted. I used a fake round robin script to get some variation but it didn’t do much difference. I would give an extra star for the E-Bow but it’s even less sampled. It’s free but I’m still disappointed because I was expecting a Ry Cooder sample library or at least a patch – not a single sample.
The sound is what’s up though – it sits perfectly in a mix and that’s what even some commercial libraries fail at so points for that. It has a soft tone that suits genres beyond bluegrass. Maybe not what you expect in a banjo library but I liked it.
For sampling and programming I would give 2 stars but for tone 5, so overall 3 and half stars. If it were to be sampled deeply and programmed consistently, it might even rival commercial products.



A banjo + a banjo with an eBow

3.0 rating
3 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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