Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer


I am a composer who like many, comes from a band/songwriter background . I do a lot of Cinematic Americana and Roots music, as well as more quirkier and Indie stuff. There are so many great libraries out there with amazing sounding orchestras and multi-sampled pianos etc ( Spitfire being among the very best!) , but I often find myself going for more raw,imperfect sounds to bring a sense of realism to the track. I love Spitfire Labs for that reason!

I appreciate Christian being a champion to people making their own samples and he has helped shift my perspective a bit. What I once saw as limitations that I had as far as gear (ahem.. I mean “kit”:) I now see as an opportunity to be more unique and authentic to my own original voice and style. “Necessity is the mother of invention” as they say!

Pianobook has given me the perfect arena to take off the sampling training wheels off and share what I am making. I’m glad it has featured four instruments so far and that people have been using them! Thanks again Christian, for creating such an amazing community!


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April 25, 2020

some things that came from the search for a thicker sound back in the Moog days was the depth or thickness to a sound sample, this imparts warmth – but we need clarity, a crisp clarity. Well you can thank Joshua for pulling it all off and giving you a very rich texture. Thanks Joshua, top draw stuff. Now If I was #nerdingfortheweekend i might use this to make soundtracks to spy movies!

Mark Doney-Mccloud


Mountain Dulcimer.

5.0 rating
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