In September 2018, Pianobook was officially launched with a Prologue video from Christian. One year later and we now have a website with a massive sample library of community contributed pianos and other instruments. Upright pianos, grand pianos, felted and prepared pianos plus a range of other interesting pads and samples ranging from Kalimbas to Coffee Mugs, Harps to Rusty Gates. In fact this month we crossed the incredible milestone of:

100 Submissions!!!

These amazing instruments have inspired a lively community of musicians to get creative with sampling. In fact, this month we have also cross the milestone of:

200 Demo TRACKS!!!

We’re just getting started – here’s to year two of Pianobook!


Whilst high-end microphones can capture fantastic detail when sampling instruments, there are plenty of lower priced microphones that can do a great job of creating an inspiring virtual instrument. The constraints of a particular microphone can lead to unusual and interesting new approaches, looking to play to the strengths of the mic rather than its weakness.


Pianobook hits the road again, this time traveling to Denver Colorado to sample Ross Lara’s beautiful Yamaha baby grand piano in equally beautiful surroundings.


Thank you to the incredible community continues to submit demos using Pianobook instruments, here are a selection of new tracks submitted this month.


There’s a whole batch of new instruments needing demos this month so why not download one and compose something that inspires you.

If you would like to create a demo then check out the Demos page on how to submit.


Meanwhile on the Pianobook Forum there has been plenty of discussion and ideas including:

plus much much more. Head over to the community today to get involved.

New Submissions

Loads of new submissions this month to the Pianobook library for you get composing with…

Interested in submitting something to the library? Check out the How To Sample guide and, when you’re ready, Submit Your Piano to the Pianobook Library!