We began June with a beast of a masterclass with Jonjo and Leo from Spitfire Audio on how they go about creating a piano instrument in Kontakt.




Following on from the recording session in May, Christian unveiled the Air Piano, along with an in-depth look into the way a piano works and how that influences how we sample it.



Pianobook on tour

Christian hits the road to sample a very special Bentley Piano owned by Max McGuire. He also gets some help from the community cleaning up the Air Piano samples.




Plenty of activity on the Pianobook Forum has been very active with topics including:

plus much much more. Head over to the community today and join the conversation.

New Submissions

A bumper crop of new instruments have been added to the Pianobook library.

Hopefully this eclectic selection of instruments inspires you to get involved in July. Check out the How To Sample guide and, when you’re ready, Submit Your Piano to the Pianobook Library!


Many thanks to everyone who has submitted demos to the Pianobook Soundcloud page. As always, the demos are embedded on each of the piano pages so you can have a listen before downloading. We are always looking for more demos – maybe you can help create one with June’s crop of instruments?

If you would like to create a demo then check out the Demos page on how to submit.