Whether the term “Pooh Breakfast” has anything to do with the sound of 29 Bagpipes tuning up is up to you! Christian teases the upcoming Pianbook competition and walks through another set of submissions to Pianobook.




Christian discovers the simplicity of programming round robins in Kontakt whilst sampling an electric “Zoots” Kalimba.



Competition details:

To take part in the competition all you need to do is try to make an awesome sample library out of a terrible sound.

That terrible sound is here ready for you to download:

You’ll need to alter the characteristics of the sound, whether by analogue or digital manipulation or mutation. All we ask is you don’t add any other sound to the sound OTHER than processing, looping, reverbs, delays, time stretching and the multitude of things you can do with sampler ONLY DON’T ADD ANY SAMPLES!

Build them either in Kontakt or EXS24 and if you have neither just send as WAVs. Entries via email (with links to your Dropbox, WeTransfer etc etc) to [email protected] by 30th September 2019 midnight GMT latest! THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT Put “ OTO ” then YOUR NAME as the subject in the submission email, this way they’re find the way to the correct mailbox! Please include any links to social media etc etc in your email.


Pianobook is all about showing the magic of sampling and how it can inspire great music. The Pianobook Soundcloud page is full of great tracks made with instruments from the Pianobook library. Here are the top ten most listened to track to whet your appetite.


We’re always looking for new demos and would love to hear what you come up with using August’s new instruments (or any of the others from the library that have inspired you).

If you would like to create a demo then check out the Demos page on how to submit.


Over on the Pianobook Forum there has been the usual buzz of sampling discussions with topics including:

plus much much more. Don’t miss out and head over to the community today to get involved.

New Submissions

The Pianobook library this month features quite a few non-Piano instruments for your inspiration. Here are all the new submissions:

Why not start the new term by submit something to the library? Check out the How To Sample guide and, when you’re ready, Submit Your Piano to the Pianobook Library!