Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer Text.jpg




Joshua Meltzer ( Twitter | Website )



This old dulcimer has been around since I was born, usually on the peripheral with other instruments lying about my parent’s house. It now lies around mine. With that I felt the need to give it some love, attention and new life.These little things have a soul of their own, don’t they? 

I approached this little library with the ‘desert island’ idea that it was the ONLY instrument I had. Could I score a whole film , assuming the requested pallet would be organic, rustic and slightly worldly?  Hence this little Swiss Army Dulcimer was born!

I plucked it, bowed it, used an E-Bow on it, processed it, dirtied it up, reversed it and so on. I even made a drum kit out of it!  It is all super raw and FULL of imperfections. (Just the way I like it:)

I included a bunch of Nki’s and multis as well. I find that wide intervals work better than closer voicing, similar to arranging strings. I included a Snapshots folder in case you wanted more presets of further sonic mangling. “Mountain Dulcimer With Ambient Pads” and “Subterranean Drone” are my two favs so far. Make sure to get down in the low registers for the drone and hold it. I did very long articulations that evolve and add all kinds of subtle changes.

Hope you enjoy using as much as I did making it!