What an incredible response we got to the Piano Day special – so great we broke Dropbox and had to rapidly move samples over to S3 to allow everyone to download the awesome pianos from the community. A little tweet from Ólafur Arnalds may have helped bump up the numbers!



April has brought loads of great engagement in the Pianobook Forum with discussion on topics including

If you haven’t already joined the forum… you’re missing out!

We’ve had another great set of submissions this month check them out below.

Also, Christian has been busy sampling the original Felt Piano at Air Studios, using a massive range of microphones. He’s even hoping to provide a Pianobook version very soon. Check out the video below.



Don’t worry! You don’t need a massive recording studio with loads of expensive microphones to sample your Piano for Pianobook. Check out the How To Sample guide and, when you’re ready, Submit Your Piano to the Pianobook Library!