Everett Upright

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ESX24: bit.ly/2WlYt9n


Jay Lifton ( Twitter | Website )



This was the piano that my parents had since the early 1970's. We got it from a neighbor who was moving and it was quite dark sounding already. Many years later, in 2004, they decided they were going to give it away, so I came out to sample it. It was even more dark then. I didn't have much of a setup at the time for mobile. I used a single MXL condensor mic, plugged into an apogee MINI-me that went s/pdif into an M-Audio flash recorder! During the process I would move the mic as I went up the piano, hoping to create a pseudo-stereo image by gradually panning the samples. But in the end the mono vibe was quite cool. I had a small CF card- perhaps 1 gig, and this is the result. I did 2 velocities and attempted release, although it never properly triggered- so if you can solve it let me know!