XentiirTV’s Reviews

  • A good sound in a small box

    Obviously not your typical violin, but definitely a great sound! I'm sure it's due to the small box shape of the instrument, but this sound does favor the higher registry of note tones. But the ability to go outside the natural range of this instruments actual playability opens a new door to the possibilities and inspiration this instrument has to offer. After playing it a while, it kind of started to resemble a bagpipe sound, with the lower notes sounding like drones, and then the lower you go, makes it feel like a good tool for soundscapes and ambience. Well done!

    Box Violin Swells13 October 2021
  • A dark and stormy night

    This piano has that detuned sound that belongs great in an eerie or dark setting. Lot's of inspiration for dark and moody soundscapes came from playing this, but it does tend to lack a bit of bass in the lower tones. Also, I felt when playing there was a severe lack of volume between velocities, there was super quiet, then it jumped to a hard medium, and playing the range of velocity between did not produce a sound to mirror the playing style, so i couldnt get a good consistent soft sound. But other that that, this is a great sound for that detuned piano you have been looking for! Try it out!

    The Loft Piano13 October 2021
  • Vintage grit

    Looking for that vintage sound? Here it is! Instruments that sound like they come right from a vinyl, and perfect for that lo-fi feel. Although, it does sound like the lower you go in pitch, the more white noise you hear, and less of the actual instrument, but if you stay in the upper registry. My personal favorite from this, is the Jazz Organ. All around, good job!

    Relic Keyboard13 October 2021
  • Variety of good synths

    This sample pack offers a nice round variety of great sounding synths! from pad like synths, to pluck, and arpeggiated. If you are into synths, this one is definitely worth a look at!

    The Synthony13 October 2021