The story

I’ve absolutely loved pianobook ever since I came across the site and I have always wanted to try and contribute something to the ever growing community, so here it is!

‘The Loft Piano’ was recorded at Loft Music Studios (hence the name) in Newcastle Upon Tyne as part of a project we undertook over a few days.

It features both normal and sustained samples with 4 notes per octave and 4 velocity layers per note with release triggers and sustain pedal sounds incorporated as well.

The Kontakt UI also allows for mixing of the different the different mic’s used in our setup along with independent control of release trigger & sustain pedal volumes. There’s even inbuilt reverb and delay knobs on the UI which I thought would be fun to throw in.

This was a big learning curve but a lot of fun to make! We hope you enjoy it!

Created by: Thomas Day & Jon Wells

Reviews for The Loft Piano

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  • Great Fun

    This is great fun to play with. I had some really interesting sounds falling out of this. Lots of toys to play with. I particularly like the delay and reverb effects.

    Ray29 October 2021
  • A dark and stormy night

    This piano has that detuned sound that belongs great in an eerie or dark setting. Lot's of inspiration for dark and moody soundscapes came from playing this, but it does tend to lack a bit of bass in the lower tones. Also, I felt when playing there was a severe lack of volume between velocities, there was super quiet, then it jumped to a hard medium, and playing the range of velocity between did not produce a sound to mirror the playing style, so i couldnt get a good consistent soft sound. But other that that, this is a great sound for that detuned piano you have been looking for! Try it out!

    XentiirTV13 October 2021
  • The dynamics need a little more work

    Even though you don't usually see more than 2 dynamic layers on a free piano, this one has 4. The problem is that the transition between them is not smooth at all, resulting in 4 flat levels that turn to be very sudden in between. It's a shame because the sound of the piano is crystal clear and the options provided in the GUI are very nice too. This could easily be a 5/5 piano, but it needs a little more work.

    Alex Raptakis21 October 2021
  • Beautiful but needs a bit of work

    Even though i usually prefer more chill felt pianos i acctually like the tone of this one. It feels very old fashioned and jazzy. The GUI offers some decent control and there are four velocity layers which is really awesome and adds alot to the emotion. Unfortunately something about the way the velocity layers are set up feels like it could use some work. It doesn't feel as smooth as it could be but i personally dont know the specifics of what that entails. With some more work and possible help from someone in the community this could be really stellar.

    septemberwalk03 November 2021
  • Fairly useable

    Reasonably clean, widely usable Piano sound

    MattConco14 October 2021
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