William Philipson’s Reviews

  • The nostalgia & melancholy effects are a highlight!

    While the piano is nicely sampled, and full of felted thumby character, the real star of this library is the nostalgia & melancholy effects: a twisting evloving bed of detailed ear candy. I keep coming back to this library for these effects and have often used them by themselves away from the piano itself. They are a wonderful way to add subtle detail into drones and static sections of score. 100% recomend!

    November Piano12 October 2021
  • I use this sound almost every day.

    The perfect fat sine-inspired subtle bass synth, it fits perfectly under whatever you are writing. I wish I could give it more stars for inspiration and character, but the truth is this synth does what we wish all bassists would do: it stays out of the way of everyone else! It does not draw attention to itself, and it makes everyone sound better around it! This synth has become my secret weapon! 100% recomend!

    Bass.ic12 October 2021