November Piano

A felted living room piano filled with nostalgia and melancholy...

The story

This is November Piano.

It will take you straight into the darkness of November.

The foggy fields and the rainy days.

It will fill you up with nostalgia and melancholy.

It’s inspired by my track “November” and I wanted this plugin to be just as sad and gloomy as the melody of that composition.

The sampled piano is my felted living room piano. It’s an old dusty piano that I’ve tried to tune myself, which obviously makes it far from perfect.

But since I put felt into it the character of it have really started to shine through and I’ve grown to like it a lot, despite all its shortcomings, or perhaps because of them.

Although I’ve done a lot of sampling in the past this is the first time I try to make a proper kontakt instrument, so just as the piano itself it’s far from perfect. But maybe that’s what I like about it so much.

Hope you’ll enjoy it too!

/Daniel Rosenholm

Description of controls:

Piano – Volume of the piano

p – Pedal volume

rt- Release trigger volume

Nostalgia – Randomly hit notes run through a cassette tape effect

Melancholy – The randomly hit notes reversed

The cloud – Adjusts the volume of Nostalgia and Melancholy together. Responds to mod wheel

Rain – Volume of rain

Darkness – Low pass filter, makes the sound darker

Fog – Reverb amount


Soundcloud link with plugin in action:

“November” original track:


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  • Nostalgic and Melancholic

    A nice sounding muted piano but its the atmospheric delayed effects that make this something special. Play a few notes with the sustain pedal down, start twiddling knobs on the GUI and you have a track

    Jim Sanger17 October 2021
  • The nostalgia & melancholy effects are a highlight!

    While the piano is nicely sampled, and full of felted thumby character, the real star of this library is the nostalgia & melancholy effects: a twisting evloving bed of detailed ear candy. I keep coming back to this library for these effects and have often used them by themselves away from the piano itself. They are a wonderful way to add subtle detail into drones and static sections of score. 100% recomend!

    William Philipson12 October 2021
  • Really nice, emotive piano with a unique character

    This is one of the first sample packs I downloaded from Pianobook and it got me hooked! I love the textured delay effects allowed in this instrument. Really great for inspiration and, for my use, hit the spot in terms of claiming the song. I can't get quite the same feel for the melody as I do with this piano.

    ÜUCE12 October 2021