VZmatthews’s Reviews

  • I just really appreciate this!

    Just recently knew about the Pianobook website, and this is one of the first few instruments that I've downloaded. And I just really, really appreciate this! It has that satisfying, not-too-processed sound, which I agree gives it a lot of flexibility in adding character. The samples sound very well recorded, as well. Big thanks for putting this out! =

    Lorenzo’s Drums V104 November 2021
  • A great variety of classic synth sounds!

    I really appreciate the bread and butter style of these sounds that make them immediately usable, plus the variety- supersaw leads, rhodes keys, atmospheric pads, dance basses, to name a few. Great library!

    The Synths04 February 2022
  • A super usable felt piano!

    Although it's called a prototype, this one is a perfectly usable and great sounding felt piano- it's quite similar to the LABS soft piano, but in a more lightweight package, being around 68 MB. Really fun and inspiring to just play around with! =)