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Hi! My name is Lorenzo Wood and I’m an 18-year-old, producer, songwriter, and musician from California. This instrument here is my first crack at sampling my Yamaha drum kit I’ve had since I was little. I wanted to have a nice solid punchy and snappy drum kit with samples coming out of individual mic channels just like if you recorded them live, and unmixed so you can put your own character on it. The instrument uses up to 5 velocity layers and two to four round robins.

The Story:
Earlier this year I was applying for colleges (excuse my American). For Belmont University (Nashville) I was auditioning for vocal performance. They wanted three songs that showed off my vocals well sung live to a backing track. I really don’t like backing tracks unless they’re to supplement a live band (In that case they’re awesome) but I realized it’d be alright if I made them from scratch. I decided the first one I’d do would be one of my favorite songs “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5.

After pulling a reference track and session up I realized that since I was auditioning for vocals (Not music production) I should keep it simple. So I just very quickly threw up 3 mics onto the drum kit and then had a great time recording all the instruments on an Instagram live stream. When I went back from the kit to my MacBook to do a rough mix I was blown away by how nice the drums sounded with the quick 3 mic setup. So I went back and hit each individual piece a bunch of times and that was the start of my quest.

I’m currently designing a proper template to sample the kit again in more depth with a more traditional 8 or 10 mic setup and some more versatility so stay tuned for V2. Also, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, or wanna share what you’ve done with it. Also if you like it, drop a review on

Thanks for reading! I’m so happy to be a part of this awesome community and can’t wait to share more of the instruments I’ve been making!

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  • The best free drum set available

    Amazing free drums! The obvious highlight when you load the instrument is the Pro level mic settings, a blend between overhead, snare, and kick mics. I have tested a variety of genres with this set, and it has very tight punchy sound, perfect for rock and metal, but I think it can work in most genres. The recording is great, and when mixed in with other instruments it has a perfect hand played sound. I can imagine that rolls and fills are probably pretty difficult to program in, as well as individual releases (such as cymbal or hats), but that would be really amazing to see brought in for an update or another instrument. Possibly also panning for individual drum pieces could help for more technical mix workflows. Excellent instrument!

    Ada MaskilSamplist 26 November 2021
  • Drumkit with great potential

    review based on DecentSampler version Great, raw sounding drumkit. The ability to set the amounts of the various mics direct mics and overheads makes this a very flexible, almost pro-level drum source. If you want snappier, shorter drums, just turn down the release rotary to cut off the tail cleanly. I imagine this can be used for many genres, from garage rock to boombap hiphop, basically everything that requires a raw, authentic drum beat In Lorenzo's Drums V2 I would love to see: more fine tuned fades between the velocity layers currently, particularly on the kick it can sound a bit abrupt going from one velocity layer to the next in the current version ability to tune the pitch of the drums at least kick and snare if you can make it fit into the GUI additional rim and sidestick versions of the snare a softer hit variant of the crash

    Synthiemental13 October 2021
  • I just really appreciate this!

    Just recently knew about the Pianobook website, and this is one of the first few instruments that I've downloaded. And I just really, really appreciate this! It has that satisfying, not-too-processed sound, which I agree gives it a lot of flexibility in adding character. The samples sound very well recorded, as well. Big thanks for putting this out! =

    VZmatthews04 November 2021
  • A spartan kit that's well recorded and sampled.

    It's a great sounding five piece Yamaha. I myself use Yamaha so I with I had this years ago. It's a basic kit, stripped down, nothing fancy. But what it's got is prime sound.
    Pros: It has separate samples of the overhead mics for each component that you can mix independently.

    Cons: The three toms are all run through the same level controller.
    This isn't a deal breaker though as someone like me would place each part of the kit on its own MIDI track allowing me to control each tom separately with their own mix and effects.

    AutumnalStudios17 March 2023
  • A fantastic dry kit

    This drum kit sounds amazing out of the box. And if it doesn't for you, it comes with a bunch of mixing knobs to get your own balance. It's tight, responsive, dynamic, and offers most things that you will need off of a drum kit. The sampling is impeccable, and even at the highest velocities you won't find any noise whatsoever.

    What I'd love to have is the open hi-hat sample stop ringing once you hit the closed hi-hat. The ride bell is also not next to the right itself, but I'm nitpicking at this point. As an extra, I'd love to se a side-stick sample on D#, and maybe a snare rim-shot or a flam in E!

    Nevertheless, this is simply awesome and highly recommended!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
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