Kalaish Stanley’s Reviews

  • Otherworldly Low and Pads and Rumble

    Amazing work, such a well-crafted high-quality sample pack. Perfect to add some low end or ambience to any track, I could see this really coming in handy for film scores. Since it was literally sampled from NASA's audio, there is nothing better for a space themes piece. Beautifully designed GUI in the NASA theme allows you to create a pad by blending up to 15 sounds as well as controlling attack, release, space and some others. Simply impeccable!

    NASA Space Pad14 October 2021
  • A Piano with Real Character

    A perfectly imperfect sound, wow. I love the binaural mics you used to record this piano and the sense of ambience created by the pedal and hammer noise, the hammer release is just so subtly beautiful. The inconsistencies between each note really play to the instruments favour and make it perfect for live playing as opposed to prewritten midi. The piano almost has a synth plucky feel but which such character. The GUI is great and gives you control over 3 mic signals as well as pedal volume and some other effects. Do beware of the buzzy sound which is present between the Bb2 and C3 keys.

    The Gaffer14 October 2021
  • Rich and Deep Magic

    I love this little library. The sounds have such an immersive stereo richness to them while retaining the wispy flavour of the harmonics. I reckon if you chuck a long wet reverb on it this could work so well in an ambient piece. The "phasy" noise in the sample really enhances the atmosphere. If there's a small piece of constructive criticism I could give it would be on the GUI photo which is just a little busy for my liking and blends in with the controls.

    Harmonic Flights13 October 2021
  • Great sounding synth

    I just love the fat, grainy sort of sound that this synth provides. And the drones would fit right into an epic 80s trailer

    EMS VCS413 October 2021
  • A simple but brilliant sound

    This instrument provides a versatile yet pure "processed" sound. In the upper registers, the sound is similar to that of a compressed marimba or woodblock with a high attack. The lower registers are akin to a bass pizzicato with a much more clean tone, perfect for some extra punch in the low end.

    Sustain Pedal Perc16 October 2021