T. W. Tobin’s Reviews

  • One of the greatest sample libraries I have ever heard

    I watched Christian Henson's video describing this collaborative project, which was very compelling. But when I then downloaded and tried out Winter Voices, I was utterly stunned by the quality and emotional impact of each of the patches. Found an immediate use for some of them in a project I was working on. This library is immense and magical. The fact that it is free is incredible, and most appreciated! Thanks to all involved.

    Winter Voices12 October 2021
  • Good church organ

    I have a few cathedral pipe organ libraries. This one is very good.

    Requiem12 October 2021
  • A nice warm piano

    This piano has a lovely big and warm character.

    Broadwood12 October 2021
  • Wonderful fat old analog synth tones

    Great sampling of this mega synth combination. However, the GUI is very funky... difficult to control 'dials' with mouse in Kontakt.

    EMS VCS412 October 2021