Alessandro Panella’s Reviews

  • Unbelievable inspiration!

    Well, this is just insane! This processed double-bass is stunning, really strong in character, absolutely brillant in concept, and in my opinion, very useful in contexts that need unexpected sounds to convey emotions.

    Harmonic Flights13 October 2021
  • Soft heart with character

    I really enjoyed watching Christian's video about this instrument, so I definitely had to download this library and I found it really matches the emotions that we feel when we touch with our fingers a rare and peculiar instrument, as Christian did in his video. It's a soft, delicate sound and yet full of character. Some small issues the attack knob not working properly, some notes sounding a bit more "weird" than others, which however do not interefere with playability and enjoyability too much. I definitely recommend it. Thanks Christian!

    Pitched Electric Celeste13 October 2021
  • Inspiring atmospheres

    This evolving synth sound is very evocative, and lends itself to different uses. Very nice idea!

    Awe-Synth14 October 2021