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  • Cool sound. Pitches aren't properly mapped.

    This is a very cool sound, but notes above C4 play incorrect pitches. (For example, C#4 plays E2, D4 plays F2, and so forth.)

    Two years ago I wrote the developer and asked for a fix, but I didn't receive a reply. Finally I ventured under the hood and fixed it myself.

    Stradi Strings Soaked18 February 2022
  • I denoised the kicks, but…

    Hello. I love the concept of this library! Unfortunately, as others have mentioned, I'm getting a lot of clicks in Kontakt—which is odd, because after denoising, the samples sound good in iZotope RX and in the Finder. They only click in Kontakt.

    In many cases, the clicks are occurring before the long samples have finished playing. I'm no Kontakt expert, so I'm not sure why this is happening or how to fix it.

    Here's a wetransfer link to download the denoised kicks:

    The link is only good for a week. It's up to the developer if he wants to download these and incorporate them into his download. But again, the issue of the clicks is a separate issue.

    Soft Drums18 December 2021