The story

I acquired my great-grandmother’s childhood violin a few years ago and have always been enamored with it. For being over 100 years old, it is still structurally sound and plays quite well, the player is the problem. I wanted to do something along the lines of what Spitfire does with evolutions. These longs pass through the Strymon Volante and Big Sky while I am tampering with the wear, mechanics, and time with the delay pedal. The affect is somewhat of a tape flutter. The mod wheel controls the drive of distortion.


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  • Cool sound. Pitches aren't properly mapped.

    This is a very cool sound, but notes above C4 play incorrect pitches. (For example, C#4 plays E2, D4 plays F2, and so forth.)

    Two years ago I wrote the developer and asked for a fix, but I didn't receive a reply. Finally I ventured under the hood and fixed it myself.

    soundsgood18 February 2022
  • Strange but cool

    If you want a typical nice sounding violin this is not for you. If you want something weird and outrageous, this will do nicely. I just love it. I don't have a clue where I am going to use it yet, but I will.

    Ray31 October 2021
  • Quite versatile!

    The instrument greets you with a nice wallpaper that hosts just two knobs for Cutoff and Resonance. These two knobs along with the modwheel will make the smooth default texture sound like a nightmare. I can see this doing incredibely well as an atmospheric riser in cinematic soundscapes.

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Surprisingly a fan

    Im usually not a fan of orchestral instruments turned into synths but this one strikes the perfect balance for me somehow. I feel like its not trying to sound like strings, its just its own thing. Its pretty synth like but still has a hint of strings vibrato and is still somehow organic sounding while still being synth like. I really like the way this samplist processes sounds, this is the second instrument ive heard from him and while i sometimes feel that people go overboard with the tape effects both of the ones ive heard are really nice

    septemberwalk14 November 2021
  • Vibe

    This has so much vibe. Great stuff, David! The character has a lo-fi approach and overdriven sound. Delicious, if you ask me. Thank you!!!

    Ry HermaSamplist 11 November 2021
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