sethbutlermusic’s Reviews

  • The reversed-piano sound I was looking for

    I was working on a track with a very specific idea in mind for a soft piano with some reversed effects. After bashing through all my paid libraries and coming up empty, I thought..."Pianobook. save me!"

    "Midnight piano" hit the nail on the head. It has 4 elements: a soft/felt piano, a lofi wobbly drone (that's not TOO wobbly), a reed organ because why not, and some room ambience. Really usable/intuitive GUI and a handful of Kontakt Snapshots for the preset-skimmers like me. GET THIS LIBRARY. :)

    Midnight Upright21 December 2021
  • Go-to soft percussion sounds

    I love all the sounds in here - Everything is useful and there's no extraneous fluff. Everything is in mono, so some panning and a little short/wide room reverb is needed to help these come to life. Most times I don't even open the .nki but just drag them straight into the DAW.

    It makes a nice companion to Jon Meyer's Soft Drums :)

  • Beautiful sound, flexible application

    I have a feeling this is going to become a go-to sound for me. It has a gentle attack that you'd expect from a drone/pad sound, but it still has a strong enough attack that it can still be played melodically/expressively (in limited contexts). It gets along nicely with the pitch wheel for some slide guitar/pedal steel-like sounds. Try pairing it with Brendan Bonsack's "On the Tele" (electric guitar trem sound) for a nice pluck/ambient combo! :)

    Bowed Acoustic21 December 2021
  • Modwheel = one-way ticket to WTFtown (in the best way possible)

    This is a beautiful acoustic piano sound that has a hint of "plugged in" (rhodes-like) sound.

    With the mod wheel all the way down, it's a perfectly reasonable and normal instrument. Honestly, this would be a lovely 4-star piano if it just quit right there.

    Increasing the mod wheel introduces wacky stuff - reverb at first, then mixing a layer of transposed notes 1-4 semitones away (is this random? is this patterned? Who knows!)

    If you're looking for controlled chaos, this instrument is a good choice for your sonic palette :)

    Hint: Try playing a note, octave, or full chord with the modwheel down, then automating it in as the note sustains!

    Ada’s Distorted Piano21 December 2021
  • I feel like my head is inside all of the drums at once

    The perfect soft drum sound. I use it every time I need something with a laid-back, simple vibe. You feel like you are in the drums. A little mechanical noise from the kick pedal adds to the character.

    -The snare's velocity range is very expressive. Thick and thumpy at the top, almost transparent at the bottom.
    -The kick, snare, and toms - and the way they're recorded - make a picture-perfect family of four. Perfectly matched.
    -Hi-hat has closed, half, open, AND pedal.
    -Two cymbals that can be crashed or ridden (depending on the velocity)
    -There's also a cymbal 'zing' sound that I use wayyy too much.

    To date, this is my most-used library on PianoBook for me. Thank you, Jon :)

    Soft Drums21 December 2021